irishikesh's Journal

the inquisition played the cello
27 September

i created this account under the perhaps mistaken pretense that i make the greatest icons in the world. in fact, the more i think about it the more certain i am that i don't. in any case, i'm reasonably sure i have some talent when it comes to photoshop, and i hope you, the passerby, thinks so too. if not, feel free to kill me dead. you may want to hunt me down at my personal journal, lykaios.

i'm pretty laidback about this icon business. you don't need to comment when you take an icon (though it is not particularly hard). you don't need to credit (this is absurdly easy!). you can alter the icons as you please. my only rule is that you not take credit for an icon that was borne of MY blood, sweat, and tears. first of all, why? surely there are better icons in greener pastures. second, there is no second. if i ever catch you doing this i will kill you dead.

parrotdroppings :: stickywicket :: teh_indy :: booster_rocket :: tiedyeddress :: icon_me :: _galilee :: createdbynoise :: iconsbyleah :: incarnatus :: freak_icons :: iconboy :: disappearicons :: aleatory_icons :: by_jazzling :: sheeponfire :: freezeburn__

if anyone else out there ever wants to be an affiliate, just drop me a line. i'd love to get more visitors because i'm an attention whore because i'm borderline histrionic and this way, everyone wins. hurray!

all brushes come from a lovely place called truly-sarah, or else i make my own, haphazardly, from weird dingbat fonts. i post/have posted/participate in/will post to the following communities: goodmusicicons, i_contest, bioletti, oneringicontest, beatleicons, goodhplotricons, pimpicons, takenote_icons, lotr_hush, and viggo_icons. ps. don't hesitate to friend this journal if i ever start making icons consistently. pps. i also help mod goodmusicicons with thedeadparrot. you might want to check it out. it's one of those silly elite icon communities. guess what it's about.

bored? braindead? check out the slowly explanding PAGE O' AWARDS i've won!